Real. Country. Traditional dyed-in-the-wool old school vibe. The big, soulful voice and refreshingly retro sound of Branden Wayne Martin is drawing rave reviews and earning fans in a fashion that belies the infancy of the campaign to introduce this Artist to the world.

   bbm_case At 23 years old, Branden is a total newcomer to the music business, but a seasoned veteran of country music. Writing real songs about real life, the Bath County, Kentucky native is a self-taught guitarist who never considered compromising his roots to find success.     Opportunity opened it’s doors in 2014 when he decided to compete in the “Hoedown in the Holler”, a well attended annual event, where he competed with many musicians with much more experience and notoriety- and won.
    Branden took a break from his full band and solo performances, ranging from festivals and opening for major label artists to playing honkey tonks, to record a 5 song EP entitled, “the Hell We Can Raise Today”. His live band,”Cross Eyed Mule”,played on the EP which was co-produced by Mike VanderMark of Lexington Lab Band fame.